Join Us! We Need a Video Editor

Hey there we are looking for someone with editing skills to edit a video series for us called Marketing Teardown, where we break down the marketing strategies of different companies.

These videos will be posted and promoted on LinkedIn and Youtube.Each episode will be around 3-5 minutes long and cut from a longer screen recorded Zoom call. We have a pre-recorded intro and outro and putting together each episode will be, for the most part, simply a matter of assembling the pieces together that we supply. We record each teardown every two weeks which will be split into 6 episodes out of about 30 minutes of footage. The whole season will be roughly 7 companies x 6 episodes for a total of 42 short videos.

Creative input is welcomed if you want to help us take our videos to the next level and use in your portfolio although not required. We would love this, however, and will credit you directly on all videos as our editor.

Compensation is on a project basis with potential for a longer term gig as we produce future seasons. We would love to keep working with you if you are the right person for the job.

Last thing – this is an example of what a good finished video would look like: