How to 10x Nuggs Revenue to $18m/year – Nuggs Marketing Teardown [7/7]

Travis Page Season 2

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[00:00:06] Hi, guys, welcome to another episode of Marketing Teardown™ with Andrew™ & Travis™, we’re tearing down NUGGS™ chicken replacement. They’re Delicious™. They’re known as the Tesla of Chicken™. [00:00:15][9.0]

[00:00:15] So what they’re trying to position last time we went through and we took a look at their ads and channel strategy and now we’re going to take a look at some different ideas for lateral marketing. [00:00:24][8.7]

[00:00:26] All right. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. So first things first, we got Chic-fil-A drone drops. What’s going on here, man? What have we got? [00:00:32][5.9]

[00:00:33] So this is essentially going to be a massive PR move. So NUGGS is definitely positioned right now towards Tech Bros™. [00:00:39][6.2]

[00:00:40] And so what we’re going to do, we’re going to get we’re going to identify the highest traffic Chick fil A locations in primary cities and we’re gonna buy 20 drones and just go drop a bunch of NUGGS out in front of Chick fil A. And so what we do is we’re gonna drop them on a Saturday because that’s when Chick fil A’s busiest is. They’re closed on Sundays. The idea would just be like, let’s just do as much PR on this as possible, get in the news and spread awareness on the old NUGGS. We’ve got a bonus idea!!!!! [00:01:07][27.5]

[00:01:08] Yeah. Yeah. And I think it’s it’s a pretty safe bet. You can add drones pretty much anything in the news these days. So I’m pretty sure that you can do some PR Hacking™ and pull that one off bonus idea. Also on Chick fil A is a fried chicken. So Chic fil A, as we know, is closed on Sundays and has been known to some people as Hate Chicken™ for that reason because they have some religious background in there. I believe their founding team and some of their executive team. So we had the idea, what if we put a pop up shops selling NUGGS outside of Chic fil A locations on Sundays when Chic fil A is closed? And we do, we have a pride flag branding over all of the pop up shops. Just this is just a big fuck you to Chick fil A and really just declaring territory on that one. And it’s like a direct shot at market share, which would be also super hilarious. You get so much press on that one. So we’re a big fan of that. [00:02:06][57.9]

[00:02:07] That budget would increase because you’d have to factor in legal costs after that one. But you guys are brave enough. We believe in you. [00:02:14][6.2]

[00:02:14] Some brave old NUGGS, gold. So moving on to the next concept and to hack school partnerships. What’s going on here, man? [00:02:22][7.3]

[00:02:22] I know we were talking about school partnerships, essentially a huge opportunity, a way for, NUGGS to break into. Well, younger audience for sure. But take us through it. What’s going on at the hack schools? [00:02:32][9.9]

[00:02:33] Yes, right now we’re undergoing a massive cultural shift where a lot of schools are going either completely online or partially online, partially in-person. And one of the main categories of that higher education is dev schools. They’re already perfectly positioned for dev schools. So when you go to a dev school, you’re often in a coworking space those coworking spaces have tons of snacks everywhere. And what you do is NUGGS can partner with those schools and make it delivered directly to the student’s home bases because they’re going to be fully remote. So what you could also do is use those drone drops from the Chic fil A campaign and just do a couple of them. Try to tack on a little bit of PR to that. But how you would execute this in sequence is what you would do is partner with two hack schools, send their students just a bunch of NUGGS. You could also do the drone drops. And what you would do as you would take the learning from those two initial hack schools, apply it to a bunch of other hack schools. And then once you have that knowledge, then you could go into traditional higher education. You do it to academic institutions that are primarily online. Use that as a bonus. But, hey, not only do we tailor to your experience completely off campus, but we also provide you with unlimited NUGGS baby! [00:03:44][71.1]

[00:03:45] Yeah. And what I really like about this is that everybody who’s going to be for it for sure at a high school and I think generally in higher education is exactly the target market for NUGGS anyway. Once they presumably graduate and start making money to pay for it, said NUGGS, you know, with a job and all that. So I think this its getting ahead of the market. [00:04:05][19.8]

[00:04:05] And a lot of ways, you know, where people will go after they actually graduate. So high school partnership. That’s one of our concepts. And in the last concepts, we want to talk about lottery marketing campaigns. [00:04:15][9.5]

[00:04:15] Is it NUGGS cooking show. It’s food. It’s such an obvious fit. Of course, we want to do some cooking show, sponsorships, partnerships, collaboration’s things of that nature. There’s a lot of different ways we could potentially approach this one. Everything from traditional TV all the way down to YouTube, content creators, things like that. And one of the actually the key areas that we thought was a huge opportunity was looking at influencers on YouTube and other visual other visual channels didn’t form the social media and potentially going after big channels that are a little bit either washed up or sort of out of the times. Perfect example being epic meal time. Got a few examples of some channels that we thought we really get to target down the bottom right here. But epic meal time as far as a washed up channel goes, I mean, that is right on the money. They have seven million subscribers. They’re big, you know, 10 years ago or whatever. And they’re the guys. If you guys them remember, if you would just make huge, like a hundred thousand calorie meals and then just eat it on camera at the end of the show there. Their videos still get like fifty thousand one hundred thousand views per video. They put up, but like they’re. You’re not really in the culture right now. In a major way. So it’s potentially a good way to get a lot of reach for discounted dollars on those advertisements. [00:05:33][77.6]

[00:05:34] So potentially something along those lines. And, of course, you go all the way up to the. That’s the upper end. We’re sort of prime time cooking shows as well. And we’ve got a bunch of different concepts or what that might actually look like. As far as how we want to make those episodes and working nights into it, that’s cooking content. But that’s that’s the concepts. NUGGS cooking shows with nuns on your show. And then we had a whole host of other ideas, that didnt make the cut you guys can pause video checking out it if you want to. There’s just a ton of fun stuff you could do with this friend. It’s a cool brand. And, yeah, the sky’s the limit as far as what we can actually do campaign wise. So all things considered. That’s it. [00:05:34][0.0]