How to Sell Meatless Chicken Nuggets with Memes – Nuggs Marketing Teardown [5/7]

Travis Page Season 2

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[00:00:06] Welcome back to Marketing Teardown with Andrew and Travis. Today, we’re going to go over the channel strategy for a company called Nugs, who, as a reminder, sells meatless chicken nuggets. They’ve got a pretty freaking cool brand behind it. [00:00:18][11.3]

[00:00:18] So without further ado, let’s get into it. First thing’s first, their social. Man. What do you think about this landscape, man? [00:00:26][7.9]

[00:00:27] Yeah, I don’t know, they’re kind of all over the place. I mean, I definitely suggest they focus on one or two channels, don’t try to spread yourself really thin, right now, is the best idea. It’s going to be super easy for them to just nail Instagram because they’re just meme kings. And like, really right now, what they do is they’re just like kind of funny people in general and they’re not afraid to be somewhat brave. I mean, obviously, Instagram sorta crushed that TikTok, it’s just easy to blow up on TikTok no matter what. Pinterest Monthly Viewers is interesting to me, too, because they don’t really seem like a Pinterest company. What I would suggest overall is just triple down on video content creation. That’s going to be the most effective for all of these platforms except for Pinterest. It’s already fairly strong. [00:01:14][46.4]

[00:01:15] Yeah, I think that’s the two things that jumped out at me from this, the first, is I think Facebook is under leveraged, especially compared to their Instagram. They can do a lot more on Facebook. They definitely get a lot more engagement there. We know our organic engagement for pages is not that strong at Facebook, but with a cult following and strong brand. I think you can do a lot of damage here. And then YouTube is such an obvious gap. Like, why the fuck are they not on YouTube? This is, I mean, they should look to Liquid Death, another company that we formerly tore down on the series, they’re doing YouTube very well. And I expect that Liquid Death will be taking over the YouTube game for beverages and they could do this for chicken in the same way. I want to see more video content. [00:01:50][35.6]

[00:01:51] If you want to – if you want a quick way to, like, grow that Facebook audience for them too, what they could do is just create a group where they do not talk about Nuggs at all. But you can be like like Facebook humanitarian for a chickenless meat future, you know, and everything is like hilarious – it’s just, it’s just a meme – it sounds like. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, totally. I mean there’s like more to the Renaissance, any any large group or there’s not an actual goal, but it’s more just like conversational and like like minded people towards their persona. They could do that for each of those personas and just try to grow that organically, just create tons of content for them. It’s really it’s like those groups. It’s like in order to grow it, it’s like you have to be good at hosting a party, right? You get the right people in there and then just be good at creating conversations and like sparking what you want the vibe of that party to be like. [00:02:39][48.2]

[00:02:40] Yeah. You know, the ant group on Facebook. [00:02:42][2.0]

[00:02:43] Yeah. Yeah. There’s like four million people in a group where everyone just pretends to be ants and they all just comment things that ants would say. It’s just the fucking most ridiculous – people can do that. You can do this for chicken nuggets I swear to god. Yeah, it’s so great. So moving on from that, I wanted to do a quick channel break down on this. We saw earlier, they’re advertising on Google Ads, they’re advertising on Facebook, they’re advertising on Snap. Everything great out here is something they’re not working on right now. So, I don’t, like, LinkedIn, B2B, it doesn’t really make as much sense here unless they are going after distributors or doing something in B2B context, maybe, you know, organizing things for business lunches, things like that. But, um, some key gaps here. Reddit, huge. They should get on Reddit. That’s an obvious area that makes sense for them to be on. And also we didn’t notice any Pinterest advertising tags. They could be advertising on Pinterest, given how big their following is. But considering their just organic engagement on Pinterest, this tap into that with paid advertising as well. [00:03:38][55.2]

[00:03:39] And then last thing here, Outbrain, Taboola, sort of native content for advertisers. That just makes a ton of sense, especially with a strong brand. You know, they can put together some could be a joke, it could be serious, but just an interesting content and watch that on Outbrain and they’ve got enough interesting stuff out there that I think it’ll stick. And they’ll see some pretty strong at least brand-building results from that might be a good move after they launch in retail stores to be honest. So that’s what was going on with their channels. All in all, everything with their with their channel strategy really comes down to the quality of their creative, though, and you can see here we pulled some snapshots from some of their advertising campaigns on the left. We’ve got some of their Facebook ads that they’re running on the right. We’ve got some of their Google ads. They’ve got that, you know, sort of fun, kind of joking around style with all of the advertisements. They’ve got this ridiculous meme going on when the nuggets arrive with, like, ripped doge Nugg dog and all this kind of shit in here. Same thing with their Google Ads. [00:04:42][62.8]

[00:04:42] Don’t be chicken. I mean, that’s pretty funny. That’s hilarious. Obvious it’s a branding campaign. So it just goes to show sort of what’s working for them as some of their top performing ads. But I think the real hidden gem here is the stuff that looks to me a lot more like direct response advertising, long form copy. Classic classic copywriting. And that is this stuff right here. You’ve got video which if you can see a trend here, the nugget with the sauce looks like that’s performing incredibly well. We see that popping up in a bunch of their ads, all of this crispy texture on the nuggets basically just showing off high quality shots of the product in action, value propositions of exactly what people are looking for highlighted up at the top. And then just straight to the point. They’ve got trust factors down here. They’ve got a direct call to action. I mean, this is just classic, solid, good advertising right there. [00:05:30][48.0]

[00:05:33] I think that’s what’s working for them. I don’t know. What do you think about about them as far as what they’re doing with their ads? [00:05:38][4.9]

[00:05:38] It’s so interesting to having that, like, polarizing, like brand voice as longl as you’re able to, like, segregate those two brand voices and make sure that they never intermingle. You’ll be good, because if you have one of these ads going to a soccer mom who is like seeing like, oh, OK, cool. This is great. Like, I understand what this is. And then you look back and you see one of these, one of these memes. It’s like if you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t, might get a little confused, maybe like concerned. I don’t think they’re worried about that at all. But it is just confusing, like making sure you have those two audiences. Very, very well. Segregated. [00:06:11][33.0]

[00:06:12] Yeah. And I think different stages of the discovery process. The brand, not just the purchase process with the products like you might say, top the funnel move. Middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel, re-engagement campaigns. Right. You’d always want to kind of stagger those depending on where people are at in the buying process, but also just their interaction with the brand. [00:06:28][15.5]

[00:06:28] Like, if someone first interacts with brand and, you know, they’re in there in that rich suburban mom category, maybe this meme is not the best meme. Maybe they want to see a different ad as their first engagement. But later, once they know the brand. It could be it could make sense. Put that in front of them. Yeah, something like that could happen. [00:06:46][17.6]

[00:06:46] So all that said, I mean, man, channel strategy. I give them a 10. I think their ads are great. I think they’re on the right channels. Clearly, they have a lot of marketing talent at the company and they’re doing a lot of the right things. I love it, man. I think it’s good. [00:07:00][13.7]

[00:07:01] I agree. I give them a super high score. But I would just say, like, expand it to more channels right now. Probably when they did, it’s like an initial test. They’re like, OK, we understand where you get like lowest cost per customer acquisition cost or whatever their metric is that they’re looking for. If they’re buying for action or if they’re buying going to sign up or just like trying to drive traffic, whatever their goal is, they probably scaled that back. Now they’re just hammering hard on a couple platforms to test that creative while they decide where they want to go next. [00:07:29][27.6]

[00:07:30] Yeah, you know, I think something that’s interesting is with the where they’re going as a company, they’re gonna have retail purchasing available soon. Not just buying the website and they’re gonna have new SKUs. That’s going to change what they want to optimize for people to do as far as where they’re going to purchase. And that’s going to change some of their campaigns. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for that, think it will be cool. So all that said that’s the Teardown. That’s our take on the channel strategy for these guys, for these Nuggs. Couple pluggables real quick. I run a company called Optimotive and we help companies launch and scale new brands, new products and enter into new markets. So if one of those things is something you’re trying to do, get in touch and you can find me there. Travis, you got something? [00:08:11][41.4]

[00:08:12] Yeah. I’m head of product over at Cinebody, so Cinebody is like a video production solution, where essentially you create a shot list, you send it out as a link to anybody. They open their phone. They capture whatever it is you’re trying to get as a final product. It bounces it back to you. You can cut it up, edit it, then send it out. View it the same day. [00:08:28][16.2]

[00:08:30] Bippity bop, that’s the Teardown. [00:08:30][0.0]