Liquid Death Lateral Marketing Ideas [5/6]

Travis Page Season 2

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Today, we’re gonna talk about Liquid Death’s lateral marketing.

We’re just gonna give you a bunch of ideas for Liquid Death. Liquid death is a still and sparkling canned water company bottled in the Alps. Let’s go. Let’s see what they’re doing. 

They have a fun brand and it turns out fun brands give you a lot of ideas about different things to try. You can see some of their focus on what they do with the brand voice over here on the right to refresh what that looks like. Welcome to the cool kind of stuff. And we actually found out that they’ve done some things like this in the past. So, for example, Death Metal Yoga Studios is thrown out. There is an idea they sponsored some yoga streams actually just recently, at least like a week or two ago. And yeah, they actually did it. They didn’t actually open their own death metal yoga studio, but they did do death metal yoga night stream with some with some yoga streamers, which is pretty hilarious. Celebrity shit talking. This is this is a good one. Actually, Travis, I think this was your concept. You want to get into this one. 

Yes. An interesting channel right out. And just a concept that I loved is the idea of using Cameo. 

I send my family members cameos all the time. Celebrities say hilarious stuff to them and just kind of razzing them. But celebrity shit talking would be a great way to unify how ridiculous it is that some of these reviews are so impassioned about Liquid Death that are one star’s. Like “Liquid Death. That’s gross. This is so dumb. I’m never going to buy.” And it’s obviously not for you. Mix that with people that used to be famous or are still moderately famous and have them shit talk the brand. The best part is it’s not expensive at all. It’s super, super easy. It can all be done through an app like somebody who’s 14 years old could get this campaign completely executed with five hundred thirty two dollars. Real math that we did in an afternoon. So Mark McGrath is the guy that was in Sugar Ray. He’s like a super explosive dude. Even though he is singing pop love song. It’s the 90s id just have him shit on it. Him, ShaggyTwo dope. One of the rapper Insane Clown Posse. And then if you just kind of merge their culture together, it would be hilarious. And if you intentionally wanted to get more, worse reviews. You could advertise these reviews to people that like these stars. And then Gary Busey, who is a treasure and we must protect it at all costs. 

“Water is the key to the soul within yourself. You will know it to be true for every man and their spirit.”- Gary Busey He just wrote an insane book full of just platitudes that don’t really mean anything. But we love him. He’s a treasure. Watch Gary Busey pet judge as soon as you get up. The thing is, this is a super easy way to test a hilarious. I guess you could literally get on the Cameo app, literally text these people, say, “Hey, Gary Busey, say some crazy shit about Liquid Death that’s really inspiring and will get me into the Kingdom of Heaven” sent. And then like three days later, you get literally a video of Gary Busey talking about Liquid Death. Five hundred thirty two dollars. Profit is endless. Obviously super easy to execute. I think it is. Nobody’s really done this yet. Which makes you think there’s somewhat of a gray area in Cameo. 

But I don’t think Mark McGrath is going to turn ninety nine dollars down, right? 

Yeah, especially if it’s leaving a poor review of something, you know, not not disingenuously saying something is awesome and they’ve never tried it, which is which is what makes this work because it’s one thing to say, “oh, we paid them money to say this is good” and now they want to say, pay them money to say this is bad you can you can argue with that its perfect.

So that’s celebrity shit talking. We also had a pretty solid idea to flip around some of those shipping issues, which, to be honest, this is one of the biggest problems right now with the DTC aspects of the company: dented cans. It turns out that when you ship, when you ship cans, it’s really easy for them to get dented because packages get handled. Thrown around, tossed in. And it’s not always guaranteed that your package will be handled with care, even if it says so in the box. So what we came up with the idea that basically what if we turn this into a great moment in the customer’s mind instead of a shitty moment? And what they could do is they could go out and they could take say one can per twelve pack open it up, take the water out and put a hundred dollar bill in, purposefully smash the can so as horridly dented and then take a picture of it. Go on social media, go to their email list, go on all of their customer communication channels and basically tell everybody, “hey, if you get a dent in your can there’s a chance you could win a hundred dollars”. And now this goes from being a “oh, I got a dented can damn it. Why is my can dented?” to “I really hope I get a dented can because it can have a hundred dollars in it.” And now it’s this golden ticket moment instead of, you know, a low quality review of issues of shipping. If you don’t get one hundred dollars, you’re still going to say “I didn’t win, not “oh my cans got dented”. 

It completely flips the contest model on its head, too, because the psychology of contests is really, really weird because you’re like, OK, you’re running this contest, but there’s no way I’m going to win. Rather than being, like, hey, if you got a dented can try to win a hundred dollars by sending a picture of your dented can on the Internet. It’s like nothing about those contests. Feels like real and genuine and liquid death is like a super plugged into the culture, a very genuine feeling brand. So it’s it’s more like, hey, instead of like trying to see if you’re gonna win this contest by being entered in the contest, you’re entered in the contest immediately for a product you already ordered and you can win immediately like you open a can and there’s a hundred dollars in there. You’re to lose your mind and you’re gonna tell people ten times more than like, oh, this is crazy. Like I won this thing and I forgot that I entered it. But now I won it rather than like having both experiences.

Yeah. Yeah. So this could be huge. This could be huge. Last I think that we have from.

So this is far from sidelines. 

This idea is called bad support hack. 

So one thing that’s weird is the chat bot revolution has really like gotten weird. I can’t really tell if you’re talking to a robot or an actual human. It would be really, really funny. Instead of having that weird, like, robot human interaction, if you’re actually able to talk to like a famous death metal band. Right? And you actually kind of ran it as an AMA like a Reddit AMA. But instead of all the traffic going to Reddit, it’s all going to your Web site. So the idea is like, hey, we’re going to have this band run customer support for us for the next four hours. And the acknowledgment will be like, hey, yeah, they’re terrible at customer support. There are death metal bands. They don’t have any customer support. That’s awesome because it would be like it’ll be also because it’ll be like, oh, yeah, of course, this is like terrible customer support, but it’ll be awesome because you’re able to ask the band questions. They can kick you out whenever they want, but it’s four hours of like, who gives a shit? But, yeah, it’s it’s a great way to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Do something brand new and unique, really close to the brand and also just kind of hilarious. Also, it would be what you really want to do is give the band unlimited power to give out coupon codes, create. Like, yeah. Here’s your free like 15 cases of liquid death. All you have to do is pay for shipping. Your code is death metal, water or whatever. It’s a really like letting them run as wild as they possibly can for four hours because there’s really not that much damage that can be done.

Yeah. And, you know, it would be even better do is you could run this in and also have the band Livestream. 

Theyre active like in front of a computer actually responding to people. That would be hilarious. I can totally imagine that this guy is complaining because is gonna be one day late and then somebody else in the band, is just like you do you want to just ship him and other like ten packages for free. So what else is like. Yeah. Can we do that. I don’t know man. Just fucking do it. And then they sent it.

Thats the bad support hack 

 As far as I know, a lot of this was our ideas, but they are very creative company and they’ve done a lot of similar stuff. I give them 10 right now. I think that a lot of the marketing we’ve seen from them easily 10 and the potential is endless. The brand is set up as a platform for this is 10 material. This is a solid 10 situation here.

 Little tip, it’s because they’re not afraid. Guys, it’s interesting to watch.

Physical product brands do a five thousand dollar ad spend test on a channel they’re not sure is going to work, but not you actually brave or innovative things that literally only take brainpower or creativity. That’s their secret weapon, your brainpower, creativity, brand, and not being afraid. Especially when you’re early out. So when you’re early on like this is you can try a lot of things, get backlash and it’s not going to get you that much when you’re when your revenue is reported by is two million dollars.  

You only have two million dollars to lose.