Liquid Death’s Channel Strategy Teardown [4/6]

Travis Page Season 2

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Today, we’re gonna go over the channel strategy for a company called Liquid Death. Liquid Death is an edgy water company that sells water designed to “murder your thirst”. Today, we’re gonna talk about how they sell that, what channels they’re on, and some ideas about what they could do better. So right now, they’re on pretty much every major marketing channel that you should be on. Important to note that they were founded by marketers, so their marketing stack is pretty damn solid. You can pause video if you want to look through this little more detail. But we did want to pull out some examples of a few of the different ads that they’re running on Google ads right now to get an idea of how they’re thinking about this. So right now they have some of their headlines. Thirst killing water in bulk. That’s the plastic- really calling out their cans. Tallboys of water. 

Premium spring water in bulk, which is interesting because technically they are premium spring water, but the way they position themselves of “murdering your thirst” does not call into mind premium spring water. 

But as an idea, this is this is what they’re going after right now. And so this is what they’re putting out there and Google ads. We pulled a couple other screenshots from some other ads there running ones from Facebook.

This is actually, I think, one of the best campaigns that I’ve seen a company running in a while. Basically, they’re

putting in bad reviews and comments about the product directly as they’re advertisements.

Which is absolutely hilarious that they’re doing this. One channel we’ve we were talking about is that is essentially a free channel is just responding to reviews, giving people customer codes to where  if you get ninety five percent off, if you leave a terrible review, there’s just a lot of ways that you could leverage the visibility of a review response, especially since a lot of the negative reviews that you’re going to see, your negative comments are up at the top because there’s a lot of people that they’re intentionally alienating from their brand. Exactly like our buddy Michael W. here.

Little Michael W. is trying. He’s really trying. Maybe a little too hard here.

 Yeah. And you know what this reminds me of? I saw on Amazon a while back there. 

These really expensive hundred thousand dollar watches and nobody is going to buy a hundred thousand dollar watch on Amazon. But a bunch of people left reviews on it. And it was all the reviews were basically memes they’re all like this. “This watch cured my cancer. And when I turned the second hand back, it actually put me back a few years.

My life’s like relive the best years of my existence.” And it was all jokes.  But I can’t tell you how many times I told people about that, sent them to link to super expensive watches because it’s absolutely hilarious. They have an opportunity here to do something similar. Reviews are entertainment. It’s not not just a fair, objective opinion about a product. I mean, it’s water. We know what water is.

This is an entertainment situation here.

So going on into a couple other ideas that we had, actually.

So we took a look at the channel stack and we suggested a few more things like potentially do a couple of these being sort of in line with their media focus and their entertainment focus of what they’ve been doing so far.

We all have seen the Beats Pills and other various products embedded into music videos which were sponsored placements. You know, I don’t think anybody is under the illusion that they just happen to like this product so much that they specifically held it up for these product shots.

They’re put there for a reason. And I think we do the same thing with with liquid death. It’s perfect for a cameo appearance. Music video. And with the right fit. That’s metal. Whether that’s even potentially, you know, edgier rap, hip hop, you know, stuff that has a little bit more of that sort of edge, it’s still mainstream appeal to a large audience. I think there’s big opportunity for that. They could really do something there.

Yeah, they could do all that in extreme sports as well. Like even if they put out like a like a video part that was entirely sponsored by liquid death, say, like PJ Ladd has, feel out it say Dustin Dolin put out a new video part, even though it’s like 50 years old.

They had him crushing a can of liquid death over his head. And that was the only product placement they got. People would buy it.

Sure. One percent. And honestly, what this really comes down to in a big way is the Red Bull playbook, which perfect example of what Red Bull is doing with NINJA. Something that, you know, we’ve been big on right lately is doing streamer sponsorships, product placements with streamers of different calibers. I think that’s huge. That’s untapped right now. Now people understand it. So pricing is low on the brand side and potentially a big opportunity for a company like liquid death.

And honestly, they’re just literally copying the Red Bull playbook at this point. You know, it’s build the brand, go out, focus on sponsoring entertainment and position yourself so that when people are consuming, entertaining content, they get your brand in front of them. It’s liquid in can. It’s the same concept as Red Bull. It’s just a different style on the brand. It’s a little bit more murdering your thirst kind of style. So we had one other idea within one highlight specifically, and that was Gas Station TV’s. 

Yeah. Yeah. I think this is hilarious.

I mean, come on. We’ve all seen these and they’re always is the most terrible, hilarious ads. And you could have liquid death there, too. I mean, yeah, they’ll be so great. 

 The opportunity here is that all the ads on gas station TV’s are terrible. They’re all the same. So like to create a barrier to entry to make something great. 

It’s so absolutely low. And I can’t imagine these are very expensive to place. They could literally do like a breaking the fourth wall thing where they’re like, “hey, you guy pumping your gas.

Don’t you hate these ads? Doesn’t that make you want to murder something? Murder your thirst? Go inside. It’s on the top shelf all the way to the left. “

Yeah. Yeah. I would just be so easy because like anything like this where it’s so bad, I think about this Taboola that Outbrain all of the ads are so terrible that if you just stood out by adding an ounce of creativity, you could destroy any of these channels.

Yeah. I’m honestly very have a lot of the creative teams behind it. All that all the adult swim style stuff they’ve been putting out with that animation is perfect. It’s gonna be so different than anything on these TV’s, I imagine will probably be some tough conversations with the gas station executives to get it approved. But if they can if they can do that, if they can convince them, you know. 

Case studies on sales or whatever, that can do it.

So that was the last thing that we want to suggest as far as channel opportunity.

Overall, given their channel strategy, we’re about an eight. They’re doing all the right things. They’re on pretty much all the major channels. Killer creative. They’re focusing on building a brand. I mean, yeah, solid. Solid. Strategy. That’s when there’s more they can do.

And I think during the early stages of testing things like ads right now still, but. 

Overall, pretty damn solid.

Don’t say anything else, have no choice. Go try streaming in gas station TV’s Liquid Death. I know you can do it. I know you can make it awesome.