Making Millions Selling Chicken Nuggets Online – Marketing Teardown [3/7]

Travis Page Season 2

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[00:00:06] All right, guys. Welcome back to another marketing teardown with Andrew and Travis. Just a recap. We are tearing down this company Nuggs. They’re the Tesla of chicken. They’re kind of the replacement meat category. Beyond meat, Impossible foods, you get the idea. So today we’re going to take a look at their website. [00:00:21][15.0]

[00:00:23] Yeah, let’s get into it. [00:00:24][0.3]

[00:00:27] So honestly the first thing that strikes you, and these are a couple screenshots from their website that we pulled in here, the first thing that strikes me, when you look at their website is it looks good. It’s solid design. It’s got that kind of bold, bright colors. It’s very striking in your face. Got a lot of little hidden Easter Eggs, Plankton secret formula on the product page. And actually speaking of the product page. This box rotates. It’s a gif, I believe, and it actually spins around when you get to the product page. There’s just like a lot of little cool things going on in the website and it’s dead simple as far as how they set up their navigation. They have this releases tab, which is sort of like a kind of like a riff on tech but for foods. It’s like the version of the chicken. So they’ll put release notes when they change the recipe or they improve the chicken. And so now they’re on version 2.0. They went from version point one or whatever and moved on up. They’ve got a help tab where you can text them and then you just have a button that says buy a box. And that is such a clear, obvious CTA. I mean, it’s just a solid website all around, I would say. [00:01:35][67.1]

[00:01:37] Yeah, you can clearly tell it. It was built in by developers like, not by marketers. So this is not like a WordPress template. They even have like in the footer of their help section. They have a hidden game. It’s like Snake, but it’s like you’re a snake and you’re trying to, like, eat a chicken nugget. It’s like Snake Dot 2.0, but it’s like the most ultimate hidden Easter egg not shown anywhere on the website. You can tell like a developer is just like, oh, yeah, well, we can just replace this SVG with instead of like an apple, we’re just going to do a chicken nugget. It’ll take no time and we’ll put it on brand colors for a theme and we’ll just like put it as an Easter egg, on the site. It’ll be hilarious. Yeah. Yeah. [00:02:13][36.7]

[00:02:14] It’s just a cool site. It’s a cool thing. It’s nice. I really like what they’ve built. So that’s it. What’s under the hood? Well, we broke down some of their marketing stack. [00:02:22][8.4]

[00:02:27] So that being said, what’s under the hood? So they clearly have like a pretty diverse marketing stack. See, some of the things that we don’t normally see. Segment, Rapleaf. But then they also have just like their typical stack, they’re built on Shopify. They’re using Hotjar, Klaviyo for e-mail marketing. They’re using Facebook ads, app ads, double click. And then they’re doing language translation tags, which is interesting because you’re not going to buy a box of chicken nuggets in Australia that has to be shipped from New Jersey. But, yeah, they definitely know what they’re doing. And as their CEO is looking for one of those growth marketers and is a growth marketer himself, he knows what he’s doing. So he’ll be able to grow this stack and maintain it. [00:03:06][39.4]

[00:03:07] Yeah. And when I look at the web marketing stack, I’m looking at two things. The first is that they have you know, they have the right marketing technology in place. Like, clearly they are sophisticated when it comes to marketing tech, and they’re doing the right things. And the second thing is that they they have ad pixels for pretty much all the main platforms that they want to be running on their their advertising in the right places. They know what they’re doing there as well and we’ll get into their ads in one of our feature episodes. But, yeah, they they know what they’re doing as far as their marketing, if you look at the technology. So, that brings us into their purchasing flow when you actually go to buy on their website. And I got to say it’s pretty nice. There’s a couple of things I would like to improve here, and I think could be better. But overall, it’s pretty solid. It’s pretty classic. Well done. Shopify checkout, if you ask me. Buy a box, get to the page, you have a bunch of payment options and then you go and check out. Dead simple. It’s very obvious. There’s no confusion. You know what you’re getting. [00:03:57][50.3]

[00:03:58] So it’s pretty solid. Travis, you’re a big fan of the Shopify payments I believe, right? [00:04:04][6.6]

[00:04:05] Yeah. It just makes it really, really easy. So before you’re even getting to the, like, checkout page, there’s also like pay now so you just literally hit pay now, you verify your CVV and your all your shipping information is pre populated and you’re good to go. One other thing that’s interesting here, so I love Shopify Pay, it’s super, super easy to implement it and really like the differentiator between that and like Google Pay checkout is that they just pre populate all of your address info. It’s really that when you’re like operating in the walled garden of Shopify, they can do things that they won’t allow you to do to maintain a competitive advantage. And then they have leverage over like what you’re preprocessing fees are and all of that could be because originally it was like, okay, Shopify needs a button that makes it easy for them to integrate other payment systems. We saw that first with Amazon pay. PayPal was kind of first. Not everybody has a Paypal account, unless they were hot on eBay for a long time. One other thing about this purchasing flow that I’ve been curious about for kind of everybody who’s trying to run this not really run, but force this subscription model. It’s one of those things that they’re like. OK, well, hopefully we can get them into a subscription, some subscription and get recurring payments. That doesn’t really work for food unless there’s some sort of system that can notify user when they’re out of that food or soon to be out of that food. So, for example, I do Amazon fresh all the time. If I could, if I knew what I was about to run out of asparagus, I would always put myself on this subscription model. Sadly, the tech is not there yet. They’re trying hard to get there quick. [00:05:39][93.2]

[00:05:39] It’s just way far… Smart fridge. [00:05:41][2.0]

[00:05:42] Without a smart fridge it ain’t gonna happen. It’s more complicated than everybody thinks it is. It’s crazy. [00:05:46][4.6]

[00:05:48] Yeah. Yeah. You know, that’s a pretty good breakdown. I think the one thing that speaking of subscriptions, the one thing I think they could do better at this flow is that they right now, they say – it’s a little hard to see here – but they have this subscription option labeled “become a beta tester”, which is on brand and sort of plays into their developer brand style. But I just think that’s fucking confusing. Like, say, “subscribe and save”. You know, your “buy a box” is such a clear call to action. Make the subscription the same. If you read it yet, it says it’s a recurring order. But we all know anybody in marketing that customers do not read the stuff that you think they’re gonna read. Ever. So just call that subscribe and save, super simple. That’s the purchasing flow. Something else we want to call out was the user help page, actually. But they specifically are driving people to do to text them. [00:06:35][47.1]

[00:06:36] And you can see email is kind of kind of minimize under that huge text us number. And so we texted them and we, both of us actually, we had a few conversations with them. It’s actually kind of hilarious. Their support on their text line is super on brand sent them a message. And the guy just hits me back with “what’s good”. Why should I buy Nuggs? “Why not?” And it’s just it’s so good. [00:06:59][22.8]

[00:07:00] It’s perfect. It’s exactly the brand experience that I want to have when I’m talking to these guys. I’m a huge fan of this. [00:07:05][5.6]

[00:07:09] And something else to notice. By the way, they hit me with this message saying, hey, sorry, we’ll get back to you soon. I’m in Europe right now. So I actually texted them at like four in the morning, so. To their credit, just a couple hours later, after I sent in that message, when they were actually up in the morning, they did. They did indeed hit me back. [00:07:26][16.7]

[00:07:26] So I think that’s actually not not bad at all. All said, all said and done with that. We both gave em a Hopkins nine. And man, their website is just freaking good. Got to say, it’s it’s it’s fun. It’s entertaining. It’s an experience. It’s really nice. [00:07:43][16.6]

[00:07:44] Yeah. Their whole purpose with their website is to, one, make purchases. But I think even more important than that is just drive awareness because they have like that fun brand and they’re saying like, okay, here’s the brand, because I remember as soon as I saw this website before we even started tearing them down, my first thought was, this is hilarious. I should share this with everybody I know. So I just started blasting it out to people. I never bought this product, but also I probably never would buy this product. It’s just not – same – me as a consumer. But it did the job of having like a super high K-factor. And growing it, acting as like a network effect, sending it to the people that I know. [00:08:20][36.2]

[00:08:21] Yeah. Yeah, it’s huge. Yeah. I think probably nine. There’s a few things they could do to improve. And we’ll see where they go. And they had more SKUs to the site but yeah. [00:08:29][8.6]

[00:08:30] Fucking great site. Wrapping all that up, that’s the teardown. Couple pluggables real quick. I run a company called Optimotive. We help other companies launch and scale new brands, new products, and enter into new markets. So if you want to do one of those things, let me know. And then, Travis, you’ve got some pluggables as well. [00:08:47][17.2]

[00:08:48] Yeah, I run product, I’m head of product over at Cinebody, we’re a video production platform that essentially makes it easy for brands to send out a brief, they click a link, and then they can film anything that the brand requests, it comes back in shotlist format over the cloud. We package and net it, usually set it out within a day. [00:09:05][16.8]

[00:09:06] Well, Hot Diggity Dog, that’s the teardown. [00:09:06][0.0]