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[00:00:06] Welcome back to Marketing to Town, we are your hosts, Andrew and Travis. And today we’re tearing down a company called Nuggs. Let’s tear it down. [00:00:13][7.5]

[00:00:14] This company, Travis Nuggs, is a futuristic meat company in the form of chicken. Think beyond meat and impossible burger. But chicken, they claim to be the test. And let’s let’s see how they stack up. Well. [00:00:26][12.3]

[00:00:27] So first things first. Once I click the market opportunity for them, what’s going on in the meat alternatives market? This is a growing market. There’s a lot of projections that we pull from statistics as far as where it’s going. Right now, about a 13 billion dollar market projected over the next six years to grow to 30 billion dollar market for sure. I think we can say it’s safe to say. [00:00:44][17.9]

[00:00:45] This is a megatrend that is a movement going on in the world right now. Once it get down to a few details there, their parent company is actually called Simulate. And what I think it’s important to know about these guys is they’re making some big moves right now. They actually just did this rebrand. And I think it’s a smart move. They’re basically moving away from just being chicken nugget like meatless chicken nuggets and they’re moving to other products, other product lines to potentially diversify their offerings, which is pretty cool. [00:01:12][27.6]

[00:01:16] We’re estimating they do about just under two million in revenue. They’ve got about 20 employees and they’ve raised about eleven million dollars of capital. So that brings us into where we’re gonna buy this. Where can we buy this Travis? [00:01:26][9.9]

[00:01:29] So you can do online currently just subscription or they also have a wholesale plan, retail. So they’re not currently at anything retail. But we know how to get them there. Acosta, Greenspoon, essentially. Well, lots and lots of money. The right conversations. And that’s how you get in. Typical go to market retail strategy, which I assume they’ll do after they launch other meatless products. And then other restaurants, will they do it? Not really sure. Looks like their main strategy right now is online. But I think that’s just to grow awareness. So their founder is actually hiring right now for somebody who is in the growth marketer category that they’re looking for, somebody who knows how to do like really, really technical kind of more in the growth-hacky area, which their CEO has a ton of experience on. Working with like young scrappy dudes to grow companies really fast. So it’ll be interesting to see how to move from it online to traditional like handshake retail. Got-to-know-the-right-people and have-a-lot-of-cash model. [00:02:27][57.8]

[00:02:28] Yeah. Yeah. Which is super key as far as where they’re going. All in all what they’re doing right now is pretty cool. [00:02:36][8.2]

[00:02:36] I mean, the fact that they launched was such a strong brand and they’re coming in hot with a fresh take on chicken nuggets, which are kind of boring food. I mean, I think of those like Costco bags of Dino Nuggets when I think chicken nuggets in the traditional sense for them to reinvent now is pretty freaking cool. And honestly, with what they’re doing right now, diversifying their SKUs, changing up their offerings, using their technology to bring other products to market, it looks like they’re working on hot dogs. Of course, we know meatless patties are huge Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat. I think it’s a smart move. So overall, I give them a 10 actually, as far as business fundamentals go and sort of the direction the market’s going, strong market. The market’s growing freaking fast and they’re in a great position to take advantage of that. [00:03:18][42.0]

[00:03:20] Yeah, I totally agree. So I give them a nine. I would say, the vegan market in general is exploding so much, not even just the meat, the meatless meat market. So there’s going to be more people that are flooding that market and you don’t really have a whole lot of options of something that is intentionally like hey we’re trying to create a sort of like synthetic chicken instead of like, hey, this is a burger that looks like a burger, but really it’s just a bunch of beans, shoved together and it kind of tastes like gravel. [00:03:49][29.2]

[00:03:50] Yeah. And maybe that’s a teaser for where we’re going into feature episodes on this on this teardown on this company so you can find out once we break into those. [00:03:57][7.1]

[00:03:58] When you’re seeing, we’ll either leave the link below, or it’ll come out in a couple days. So with that said, that is the Teardown. A couple of pluggable we want to plug real quick. [00:04:06][8.1]

[00:04:06] I run a marketing company called Optimotive, and we help companies launch and scale new brands, new products and enter into new markets. So if you’re trying to do one of those things, hit me up. [00:04:15][9.1]

[00:04:17] Always down to talk. And, Travis, you got some pluggables? [00:04:17][0.1]

[00:04:20] Yeah. I’m head of product over at Cinebody. We’re a video platform that allows you to connect anybody on Earth and film video with their iPhones. You can direct them through the cloud, send push notifications, get feedback. And then all of that video footage comes back to one central source. You can edit it, package it up, and send it to whoever you want. Usually within a day. [00:04:37][17.5]

[00:04:39] Hell yeah. Well, Travis, if you want to know more about that and yeah. We’ll catch you on the next episode. [00:04:39][0.0]